Harald Trautsch
Dolphin Technologies GmbH
Dolphin Technologies' mission is enhancing street safety by incentivising safe driving. Their main theme is reducing smart phone usage while driving, because that's the no 1 reason for car accidents. They have built a modular eco-system in telematics and partner up with insurances as well as releasing their own apps. 

From 2016 to 2019 I was in charge of the interaction- and graphical user interface design for all their digital products as well as the information design for their communication.
Gosmart is an application that provides emergency services, tracks trips, rates driving styles and rewards safe driving with points which can be exchanged for goodies. Those core features are also sold as white label solutions and are now used in several tailor-made apps for insurances in Germany and the CEE Region. To get them right, my work started with evaluating user flows and motivations.
Interaction Design
During the interaction design process it's important to visualise and test important user flows in higher detail - from scribbel to clickdummy -  while always having a simplified wireframe chart at hand to keep an overview of all screens and how the features are interconnected.
Interface Design and the Logo
For circles are a prominent shape in car dashboards (not to mention all the wheels), they also dominate Gosmart's visual interface. When things make sense, they may just fall in your lap. That's how it felt when I was scribbling logo ideas. Earlier I had created an Icon to visualise the way from point A to B which is used heavily throughout the app. And it just so happens to be that a G and an O are also two circles... 
Gosmart is available for iOS and Android since 2016 and has around 50.000 users (2018). It is constantly being improved - the designs shown here, are part of the latest facelift which may have not yet been implemented.
Other Products
The H!ER box is a small device that can be installed in a car. It has GPS, a sensor and a Button. The sensor detects irregularities such as an accident and automatically sends the GPS location to an emergency call center. In support of the device, we created an application that translates the devices key features into a graphical interface and offers additional features.
As a further development of the H!ER app we made the concept for an app that would provide emergency services for off-road activities. During an emergency it's important to trust the devices at hand. That's why a prominent element of the design is visualising the GPS accuracy.
Mobilio is a particularly interesting project, that combines telematic services with blockchain technology and a specially created crypto currency that is minted by users, who don't use their phone while driving. Here you can find more about this project.
Dolphin Technologies' products are highly complex and need to be explained to potential partners & customers. Along with their website, I designed a number of infographics for diverse presentations.
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