Harald Trautsch
Dolphin Technologies GmbH
With Mobilio, Dolphin Technologies aims to establish a cryptocurrency that is minted by users, who don't use their phone while driving. The Mobilio app detects a trip and generates points for every minute the user does not look at the phone. These points can be exchanged for the Mobilio token. The vision is that Mobilio can actually be traded and used for payments in the future. The next functionalities we're working on, are awarding users for walking, taking the bike or public transportation, instead of driving their car.
User Interface Design
I was tasked to design the product's look & feel which should convey seriousness and reliability. In several loops, using scribbles and first design drafts I developed a minimalistic design language and an importance-focussed layout. In the case of the main screen for example, two numbers are important: the collected points and the amount of Mobilio on the users account.
Mobilio was launched in 2019. In support of the app I designed a website that shows insights of the apps progress and informs about the combinated topics street saftey, cryptocurrencies and blockchain.
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