Jörg Brennwald
During the corona lock downs people became tired of simple video call interfaces - my father and I saw a chance their, as he had been experimenting with online 3D environments. Within a few months we built an mvp and managed to sign significant first customers. For 2 years we embarked on a startup-like-journey pushing us and the product to the limit, until the pandemic finally ended and with it the "metaverse goldrush".
The name VENEW stands for "a NEW kind of VENUE". The symbol is panoramic element that creates a three dimensional space within and also forms a V.
"We expand our customers‘ reach and open new ways for them to educate, interact and sell, while saving money, resources, time and reducing their carbon footprint."
We set out to create an added value by combining exciting 3D with a simple tech backend and UI elements. We quickly built a couple of core features and started promoting our product. 
I built and organised the tech team as well as the entire product development process in Figma, GitHub, Jira, Slack from the conception of the entire product architecture and road map to the design, development, testing and release of individual features. We quickly had a network spanning the globe - everybody working 100% remote.
A selection of clients and projects we did in 2022:

Online Events
Built an out of the box virtual event offering. 
- Breakout sessions 
- Live stream integration 
- Spontanious Networking 
- Content library 
- Reusable 3D models

Stryker Corporation - Europe
Established a virtual innovation center for product presentations and guided education, that is also used to run online events. 

DHL - Europe
Created virtual showrooms for B2B sales and employee onboarding. Build connected virtual spaces across the DHL digital online world.

Nutanix - Middle East
Virtual event that connected deeply with Nutanix brand, help deliver the message and product knowledge allowing customers to network, and have a spectacular visual performance.

DDMTown - South Korea
Virtual shopping mall for shared, social shopping experiences, including offerings for: Fashion eCommerce Virtual art galleries Event spaces
My work included
UX/UI Design, graphic design, project management, sales, investor pitching, operations
Project Partners
3D Design: Jörg Brennwald + team
Development: Sören Herber + Freelancers
Sales: Marek Swierad and Alexander Spörker

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