Tristan Brennwald
My brother started a fashion brand. I was thrilled, when he asked me to design the logo and to help him kick off the brand. We quickly agreed, that he would need to do debut fashion show, to introduce himself to the world. 
Tristan Brennwald challenges traditional gender roles by playing with masculine and feminine stereotypes to create androgynous looks that are both edgy and elegant.
The Logo
I wanted to create an iconic, yet minimalist symbol. At it's core it's a T and B, for "Tristan Brennwald". The cutouts lead to interesting interpretations and allow new shapes to emerge. Just like in fashion. 
As a little present I had cufflinks custom made by a Viennese goldsmith.
The debut fashion show
We started to plan his debut fashion show in the summer of 2022 and quickly found a date and an available location for April 2023. Location was a historic Viennese ballroom, that was being renovated and was supposed to open in March 2023. Tristan created a beautiful collection called "Lace&Leather". ​​​​​​​
I managed the event including the organisation of a bar catering, product sponsorship, a logo wall for photos, public relations, invitations and all sorts of side quests. So Tristan could focus on preparing the actual show. The event was a huge success with 300 people turning up.

We even produced an intro video for a 9 meter wide LED wall. The video featured footage from the day of the show and got finished only minutes before the show started.
We had organised a studio shooting to take photos of every single item, featured in the show. On the day of the show, the Shopify store went online.
Desert Dreams in Los Angeles
Already in September 2023, Tristan had his second collection finished. This time the collection was a lot more colourful - "Desert Dreams", inspired by Karl May, who spun tales of a mythical frontier he never personally traversed, this collection plays with the idea of a fashionable Wild West and reimagines quintessential western motifs into wearable art. Naturally we organised a shooting in LA.​​​​​​​
The collection was featured at a show in Los Angeles.
What's coming next?
This journey has just started and I'm excited for the years to come!
My work included
Art direction
Event management
Project Partners
Photography: Dominic Berchtold, Flora Hübl,
Andreas Riedmann, Alberto de Jesus
Video Editing: Gunnar Brittany
Fashion Design: Tristan Brennwald

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